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It is common for homeowners in Brisbane to spot a small beady eyed rat scurrying across the house. But what is most dangerous about such a spotting is the threat that there may be a dead rat decomposing somewhere around the property.

The foul smell that one will face in the case of a dead rat is more of a threat than a live rat. The odour can completely disrupt any form of family life and in turn result in many disease. Hence it is imperative that Dead Rat Removal Brisbane is employed for swift and immediate decontamination of the property.

Dead Rat Pest Control

Due to the very closeness of Brisbane to the wildlife around, it is often that some foul odour may be invading the property owners around Brisbane. Somewhere around the property there may lay a dead Rat Rotting away. And it is only guesswork for the owner to locate the location of the dead and disease causing menace.

Locating such a dead Rat is not easy- let alone enjoyable. It is best of professional Dead Rat Extermination Brisbane agencies are allowed to handle it.

Dead Rat– Appearance

Rats are one of the most common pests around Queensland. They are small beady-eyed furry and very swift creatures that, if one introduced to your property, will cause nothing but destruction. Rats are nocturnal Vagabonds. They hide during the day and come scurrying out at night across the property for food and water.

A dead rat is essentially a Rat that has died on the property. Now the dead rat is mostly identified due to the foul smell it emits. The longer the rat has been dead, the stinker it gets. And even after a certain time flies and maggots start popping around the property enticed by the stink.

Hence it is mostly advisable to call for the Dead Rat Pest Control Brisbane services on the first perception of any sign of Dead Rat infestation.

Signs of Dead Rat Infestation

The Major sign of a Dead rat infesting the property is Foul Pungent Smell. After death the rat starts smelling. This is due to the rapid decomposition of the muscle tissues of the dead rat’s body. The bacteria eat up the flesh and give off a very foul smell. This unbearable smell travels across the property stinking the whole place.

This smell not only harms the habitants of the property but also attracts other pests like Flies, maggots, raccoon’s o the property.

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Home Remedies for Curbing Dead Rat in the House

Now curbing rats from the property using DIY is easy enough. In case of a mild Rat infestation, the homeowners can opt for some Home Remedies for Curbing Rats in the House or the Office.

Some conventional methods of Rat Curbing are:

  1. Mothballs
  2. Peppermint oil
  3. Ammonia
  4. Pepper
  5. Onions
  6. Bay leaves
  7. Baby powder
  8. Cow dung
  9. Wool

But to get rid of a dead rat the homeowners must locate the dead rat and then remove it from the property. This may sound easy but with all the hundreds of places where a rat could have died the location part is the toughest.

So the process of extermination of a dead rat must be let to the professional Dead Rat Extermination Brisbane agencies.

Professional Dead Rat Control Strategies

Dead Rat Removal Brisbane with their years of experience and skilled workers tackles the Dead Rat infestation thoroughly and carefully. The professionals have special techniques and skills to identify and locate the area of the dead rat’s presence.

Then using specials tactics they will exterminate the said dead rat off the property.

Below we talk about the detailed plan of Action that Dead Rat Removal Brisbane takes while exterminating the Dead Rats from your property.

The STOP System

The STOP system is a new and revolutionary technique for through extermination of pests, namely rats, mouse both dead and alive from homes and offices. The process covers everything from surveying the Area to Removal of the Rats dead and alive. All this is done without damaging the House of the inhabitants.

Let us look at the STOP system a bit carefully.

Surveying the Area

As soon as our professionals get into the property with the dead rat problem the first thing that is done is locating the dead rat.

Flies, maggots, beetles and other insects are a good indication of the dead rat’s location. The workers look for swarms of flies hovering over a certain space. The sniff test is done to be sure of the presence of the dead rat.

Treating the Infestation

After the dead rat has been located after the thorough survey by the skilled technicians, then the second step of treatment is begun. Removing the dead rat from the home and ventilating the property is the immediate action that is taken. Unfortunately rats are quite good at hiding and don’t often stay at a convenient area. So sometimes if the need be the technicians may have to cut through walls, open tiles for even dislocate a furniture to get to the dead rat.

Another method used for Dead Rat Control Brisbane is to leave the dead rat where is and apply odour-neutralizing sprays and chemicals and allow the carcass to dry out. This too requires a lot of ventilation and many chemical usage to prevent any diseases to the inhabitants of the property.

Observing the Results

After the dead rat has been found and reached, then the dead rat s put into a plastic bag and then removed from the property. Our professionals observe the property for some time for any remaining dour or signs of any other dead rats as a precautionary method.

Precautionary Measures

A dead rat is a highly contagious being. When exterminating such a carcass our workers follow all safety measures as detailed like wearing protective gloves and clothing, including a dust filter mask or respirator.

Now it is to be remembered that a Rat is a very resourceful pest. Hence our professionals specially seal all entrances and perform a general rat extermination to the property as a preventive measure against any future mishaps.

Side Effects of Dead Rat Control Services

All agencies of Dead Rat Removal Brisbane use special chemicals and other drugs to remove a dead rat off a property. As is with all chemicals it may cause some irritation or allergies for the property inhabitants. Hence in case of any such Side Effects of Dead Rat Control Services immediately consult a doctor.

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