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The word rodents come from “Rodentia” the proper biological title given to all Mouse, rats, etc. The most common of the said rodent species is the Mouse.

Mouse along with rats are considered as the commensal rodents i.e., the rodents that have an unusually close relation with humans.

In Queensland and Brisbane especially the Mouse has become more of a nuisance for the homeowners and businesses than any of its other rodent cousins. So we at Mouse Removal Brisbane services offer an insight into the lives of the mouse and inform how to prevent and eradicate this nuisance.

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Mouse Removal services Brisbane

Mouse may be cute according to people but we at Mouse Extermination, Brisbane services know better. When it comes to destruction Mouse one of the most destructive animals in the world.

The huge plethora of things a single mouse can destroy will shock anyone. A single pesky little beady-eyed mouse can be the cause of a lot of woe for the property owners if not controlled swiftly.

Some of the few atrocities that a mouse id capable of are:

  1. Destruction of the Buildings right up to its core
  2. Contaminating all types and quantity food present anywhere in the property
  3. Compete destruction of every décor. (mice like to chew at anything they can)
  4. Infecting the property along with the area around with vicious diseases.
  5. Shutting corporations down
  6. Terminating any legal contact made
  7. Causing Death

These are but a few of the atrocities that Mouse is capable of causing. As frightening as it may be Brisbane has an abundance of Mouse. It is quite a familiar sight to spot a mouse scurrying across a property in Brisbane.

There are daily reports of Destruction caused by these pesky vermin. E.g.:

  1. Burrowing under homes
  2. Gnawing Curtains and dresses
  3. Pecking furniture
  4. Even biting children

So, the only option that the people of Brisbane is to employ a good Mouse Extermination, Brisbane service to take the matters into their own hands and eradicate these menaces.

Mouse – Appearance and Lifestyle

Typically the homeowners are naïve to the presence of a mouse in their homes. The mouse is an elusive creature capable of hiding anywhere to everywhere.

A mouse is typically the smallest of the rodents. They grow up to a size of 3-10 cm counting its tail length. Generally, people get confused between a mouse and a rat. The easiest way to way to distinguish between the two is the small size of the mouse.

Some other telling features of the mouse are:

  • A mouse has larger ears as compared to rats.
  • The mouse’s tail encompasses a major part of the body of the mouse
  • The mouse has smaller feet as compared to a rat
  • Mouse are generally brown to light grey in colour with a distinct lighter patch on the underside of the belly

The major Mouse Extermination Brisbane services have noticed that the most common species of Mice infesting Brisbane are:

  1. House Mouse or as Mice Removal Brisbane has named them Brisbane’s home destroyer
  2. Field Mouse

Both the above species of Mouse are unique in their lifestyles and foraging patterns.

Signs of Mouse Infestation:

All Mouse, Control Brisbane starts with recognizing the signs of Muse in the House. Following is a list to identify if a mouse has infiltrated the property:

  1. Scurrying noises
  2. Urine stained areas around the property
  3. Mouse droppings – Small tiny pellet like droppings
  4. Mouse nests across property made of shredded paper, cloth and other human ideas.
  5. Hollows in the insulation
  6. Burrows
  7. Gnawed areas of the furniture, curtains, clothes, carpet etc.

Home Remedies for Curbing Mouse in the House:

Home DIY remedies for curbing Mouse across the property are quite a common thing among the people of Brisbane. Though not as successful as professional Mouse Pest Control Brisbane services the DIY are quite effective.

Some of the points that people should keep in mind while looking for home DIY remedies as suggested by Mouse, Control Brisbane services are:

  1. Try to eliminate all entry points
  2. Try to use mouse traps
  3. Try and choose the best baits for mouse traps
  4. Look for proper placement of mouse traps. It is critical
  5. Keep bait stations
  6. Proper sanitation doesn’t get rid of mice, but dirty and un-healthy sanitation does attract mouse
  7. Cats vs Mice

Professional Mouse Control Strategies

Once the mouse infestation in the property is determined, the most effective and fool-proof way to get rid of the mouse is Professional Exterminators. Mouse Extermination, Brisbane services can guarantee a very swift and safe removal of the mouse from the property.

Mouse Removal Brisbane tailors a unique solution for each mouse infestation problem along with deterrent methods to prevent any chance of re-infestation.

The STOP System

The STOP system is a modern and contemporary method of Mouse control from Homes, offices and other domestic areas. STOP covers everything from identifying the entry points to the final extermination of the Mouse.

Let us talk about the STOP system more intrusively:

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Surveying the Area:

The first and the most important step of the STOP system is the survey. The Mouse Removal Brisbane technicians scour across the property and locate the entry point, nests, and burrows of Mouse. The workers inspect the property thorough using machines and gadgets for maximum precision.

Treating the Infestation

With the advanced knowledge of Mouse, Mouse, Control Brisbane services can ensure the maximum protection against the mouse. Treating the mouse infestation is the second step of STOP.

Using special gadgets and chemicals the skilled workers treat the infestation in the property. They use traps (specially made for mouse control), medicines, poisons, sprays, gadgets, etc. to treat the mouse infestation in the property.

Observing the Results:

Mouse are intelligent, so the technicians are specially trained to observe and be patient. It takes hours to a couple of days for all the mouse in the property to be completely exterminated.

The skilled technicians wait and observe all the possible points of entrances and other points of nests and burrows made by the mice and purge the property of the beady little rascals.

Precautionary Measures:

The final step of STOP is to prevent further infestation and entry of the mouse in the property in the future. The few steps that every Mouse Removal Brisbane services follow are:

  • Seal all the entry ways
  • Seal all the food items and the pantry
  • Keep the areas and surrounding place clean and devoid of garbage

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Side Effects of Rat Control Services:

As is the case with all chemicals, the Mouse control chemicals are very harmful. Even though our technicians at Mouse Extermination, Brisbane use unique masks to protect themselves and follow all safety protocols.

Still in case of any symptoms like allergies, rash, etc., immediately consult a physician.