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Today Mice are everywhere in Brisbane. Be it homes, office buildings, and even in schools. The Mice have infiltrated every aspect of life in and around Brisbane. The high procreation rate, coupled with smart hiding and stealth way of life, has allowed the Mice to conquer as much as they have.

The complaints from people around Queensland and mostly Brisbane is increasing exponentially in the past couple of years.

Worry no more for we at Mice Removal Brisbane Services are here to curb these pests. However, before we begin to unravel the various methods of Mice Extermination, Brisbane must be made aware of the Pests that we are dealing with. Let us have a look at the life of Mice and how we will help reduce the menace once and for all.

Mice Pest Control

It is a known fact that Pests are Harmful. From bugs to flies, from rats to moles to Mice, we hate them all, and they destroy our property. The Pests are not only harmful to the property but also very dangerous for the inhabitants in them.

Especially Mice are the rodents that are quite dangerous. Cute to look at Mice carry a plethora of problems and a massive destructive power with them. These pesky little things can be the cause of a lot of Woe if not controlled swiftly.

Some of the few atrocities of Mice are:

  1. Destruction of the Buildings core
  2. Contamination of all food present in the property
  3. Murder of every décor. (mice like to chew at anything they can)
  4. Infecting the property and the area around with vicious diseases.
  5. Shutting corporations down
  6. Terminating any contact made
  7. Cause Death

So the above are a few of the atrocities that Mice will Cause. And the frightening fact is Brisbane has an abundance of Mice. It is a familiar sight for the people of Brisbane to spot a Mice scuttling across the floor at any time of the day.

There are daily reports of Destruction caused by these vermin. E.g.:

  1. Burrowing under homes
  2. Gnawing Curtains and dresses
  3. Pecking furniture
  4. Even biting children

But now finally Brisbane has a way to tackle these rodents. Mice Removal Brisbane Services is the best and the most efficient Mice Extermination Brisbane has to offer.

The following are some of our very hands-on Methods of Mice control methods.

Mice – Appearance and Lifestyle

Mice are the most common pests in Brisbane. The movies like Stuart little and the Tom and Jerry franchise has romanticized them, but Mice are vicious creatures. The small furry brown/black rascals will soon be running around a property if not checked at the bud.

People mostly get confused between Rats, Moles, and Mice. These are three different groups of Rodents. Mice are among the smallest but the most prone to Destruction. The mouse can easily be distinguished from its cousins as:

1. Smaller Size – Mice are, as we discussed, the smallest breed of rodents. The Size gives mice an advantage over their cousins, and they can get into tighter areas than Rats or moles.

2. High Breeding Rate – Mice have one of the highest rates of procreation among mammals. A single mouse in the house can quickly multiply into hundreds if not checked properly.

Mice though being small can reach a length of 30 inches with the significant part of the body being the tail. They weigh around 100 to 150 Gms max but cause massive damage despite the Size.

However, we at Mice Extermination Brisbane have noticed that the most common species of Mice infesting Brisbane are:

  1. House Mice or as Mice Removal Brisbane has named them Brisbane’s home destroyer
  2. Field Mice

Both the above species of Mice are unique in their lifestyles and foraging patterns.

Signs of Mice Infestation:

Mice were introduced to Australia through foreign settlers. Hence they are also like the invaders that want to take it all in at once. Doing, so Mice leave a track of Clues that leads to the conclusion of a Mice Infestation. These Clues are as follows:

  1. Gnawed plastic and furniture
  2. Mice tracks
  3. Mice sightings
  4. The musky odor emitted by Mice
  5. Shredded mice nests across the property
  6. Mice droppings
  7. Scratching noises around the property at night.

Home Remedies for Curbing Mice in the House:

Mice, when spotted for the first time, can be controlled by some DIY home remedies. But in case of massive invasion professionals like the Mice Removal Brisbane or any other Mice, Control Brisbane services must be informed.

Some conventional methods of Mice Control are:

  1. Find their entry point
  2. Set store-bought traps
  3. Seal up the house using Steel wool and caulk
  4. Check the garage
  5. Prune shrubbery away from your house
  6. Seal food in airtight containers

Professional Mice Control Strategies

When all the home DIY for mice removal fails, it is time to contact your local professional reinforcements, Rat Removal Brisbane. Years of experience and a plethora of highly skilled mice control workers; we are highly equipped to take care of the Mice problems.
Let us walk through the plan of action our skilled technicians take to curb the mice problem from properties, houses, etc.

The STOP System

The STOP system is a contemporary and modern method of Rodent precisely Mice control from Homes and other domestic areas. STOP method covers everything from identifying the entry points to the final extermination of the Mice.

Let us talk about the STOP system more intrusively.

Surveying the Area:

The first and a significant step of the STOP system is the survey. The technicians scour the area for any sign of entry point, nests of Mice. The inspection is highly thorough and is done using machines and gadgets for maximum precision.

Treating the Infestation

One the technicians have surveyed the area, a specialized team of Mice Pest Control Brisbane is deployed. They use traps (specially made for mice control), medicines, poisons, sprays, gadgets, etc. to treat the mice infestation in the property.

Observing the Results:

Mice are brilliant. Hence the technicians are trained in the art of observation and patience. It may take hours to a couple of days for all the mice in the property to be completely exterminated.

The technicians wait and observe all the possible crevices for possible mice and purge the property of the beady little rascals.

Precautionary Measures:

After the purge, the technicians make sure that all the entry points are properly sealed, preventing any Chance of future mice infestation. Our skilled workers also give the homeowners, property managers a crash course on how to avoid further mice infestation and a list of to-dos and don’ts for precaution against the mice.

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Side Effects of Mice Control Services:

As is the case with all chemicals, the Mice control chemicals are very harmful. The technicians for Mice Extermination, Brisbane use unique masks to protect themselves.

Although all the products used for Mice Pest Control Brisbane are eco-friendly, the inhabitants of the family should be wary of some side effects of the Mice Control. In case of any symptoms like allergies, rash, etc., immediately consult a physician.