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We'll shut down rats before they come marching in

If you see rats moving around your home, you should know that there are more rats nearby your place. Hence, rats are known as social creatures. Eliminating a few rats will not help you get rid of rats infestation issues. In order to treat the entire rats colony, you will require an effective rats control measures.

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Today Brisbane is facing a severe rat problem, and something must be done. The exceedingly fast growth rate of the rats has become a menace for all of Queensland, especially Brisbane. Here the complaints of a rat infestation are increasing day by day.

But worry not for us at Rat Removal Brisbane are here to solve this problem for you. But before we can begin any Rat Pest Control, Brisbane and around let us have a look at the pest we are tackling and the methods of their infestation. 

Emergency Rat Removal Services: Quick Response, Effective Solutions

All pests are it Rats, flies; bugs are harmful. They affect not only the inhabitants but also the property as a whole. The seemingly small creatures can turn out to a huge problem if not dealt with properly.

These pests mostly Rats can:

  1. Destroy the infrastructure of the buildings 
  2. Contaminate the food
  3. Destroy the décor of the property
  4. Infect the area with diseases
  5. Shut down businesses
  6. Terminate any contact 
  7. Hinder in sales of a property
  8. Cause Death

The rats are everywhere in Brisbane. It is a common sight for the people of Queensland and Brisbane to spot a rat scurrying across the house of the Office. These rats are not the kind we sot in movies of Cartoons but ugly and quite dangerous. There have been multiple reports of Rats destroying like:

  1. Burrowing under homes
  2. Gnawing Curtains and dresses.
  3. Pecking furniture 
  4. Even biting children

But you need to worry no more. With our services of Rat Control, Brisbane can rest in peace. Continue below for some of our significant rat methodsTreatment, Brisbane, can opt for.

Rats – Appearance and Lifestyle

Rats are one of the most common pests around Queensland. They are small beady-eyed furry and very swift creatures that, if one introduced to your property, will cause nothing but destruction. Rats are nocturnal Vagabonds. They hide during the day and come scurrying out at night across the property for food and water. 

Many get confused between Rats, Moles, and Mice. These are three different groups of Rodents. Mice are the smallest, whereas Moles are the largest. Rats, however, are the most destructive of the lot, albeit marginally. Rats can easily be distinguished from other similar Rodents of its family by its:

  1. Larger Front Incisor Teeth. The Rats use these teeth to cut, nibble, and chew through virtually everything. 
  2. Faster Breeding Rate. Rats have one of the highest procreator rates in the Animal Kingdom. You may see one small rat in your house, and before you know it tends to hundreds will be devouring your property.

 We are talking about Rats being small and scanty. But that is not very true always. Rats have been known to grow to a size of 500 Gms i.e., ½ Kgs, or they can be tiny to pass through a sewerage line. 

However, we have noticed that for Rat Extermination, Brisbane has the most common species of Rats infesting it. The major Rat Control Brisbane needs against 

  1. Roof Rats or as we at Rat Removal Brisbane like to call them Brisbane’s greatest woe.
  2. Rice rats
  3. Marsh rats
  4. Norway rats
  5. Brown rats ( the biggest found in Brisbane)
  6. Bush rats
  7. Common house rats 
  8. The more Cosmetically challenged long-haired rats

Each of the above types of Rats is unique in their feeding, breeding, and even foraging habits.

Signs of Rat Infestation:

Rats are not the most subtle animals. They give off many signs that they are in the property. The significant signs of Rat Infestation are:

  1. Rat Droppings – Rats tend to poop everywhere.
  2. Rats running across the floor or the Roof
  3. Rum Marks
  4. Bite marks on the furniture
  5. Paw markings across the property
  6. Mud trails
  7. Scratching noises around the property at night. 

These are the first signs of Rat Infestation. If spotted immediately contact us at Rat Removal Brisbane or any other Rat Control Brisbane services. 

Home Remedies for Curbing Rats in the House:

Rats are not only dangerous to the property but also the inhabitants of the said property. The rats are known carriers of some very deadly diseases. So in case of a mild Rat infestation, the homeowners can opt for some Home Remedies for Curbing Rats in the House or the Office. 

Some conventional methods of Rat Curbing are:

  1. Mothballs
  2. Peppermint oil
  3. Ammonia
  4. Pepper 
  5. Onions
  6. Bay leaves 
  7. Baby powder
  8. Cow dung 
  9. Wool 

These are some of the widespread DIY home remedies that one can use to curb the rat infestation in the House or Office. But if the treatments do not work the professional for Rat Pest Control Brisbane must be contacted 

Professional Rat Control Strategies

When all the above Home Remedies have been tried, and still the Rats are reigning in the property, that is the time to call for professional reinforcements. Rat Removal Brisbane with their years of experience and skilled workers, tackle the Rat infestation thoroughly and carefully and thoroughly.

Below we talk about the detailed plan of Action that Rat Removal Brisbane takes while exterminating the Rats from your property.

The STOP System

The STOP system is a new and revolutionary technique for through extermination of pests, namely frats from homes and offices. The process covers everything from surveying the Area to Removal of the Rats. All this is done without damaging the House of the inhabitants. 

Let us look at the STOP system a bit carefully.  

Surveying the Area:

The first step of STOP is to identify the area infested. The workers look into every corner and crevices thoroughly for the rats present there. The inspection is carried out using tracking devices and other unique gadgets for a more accurate result.

Treating the Infestation

Once located, the team of Rat Pet Control Brisbane advance to treating the rat infestation. Special traps are put across the property. Other gadgets for fast extermination of all rats are also used. Special spays and gasses may also be employed to bring out all the rats. 

Observing the Results:

After the traps are set, all that is left for the rat exterminators to do is to wait for the results. This process takes a couple of hours, depending on the degree of infestation. By the end, all the rats are exterminated off the property

Precautionary Measures:

Finally, after ending the outbreak, the team also barricades all the known entry points for the rats. Thereby preventing any future infestation. The team will also give the owners a list of to-dos and don’ts for precaution against the rats

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Side Effects of Rat Control Services:

As with everything, Rat Control Brisbane also has a few side effects. Although Rat Removal Brisbane uses the most eco-friendly methods of extermination, there may be some instances of side effects on the family residing in the exterminated property. In case of any effects like allergies, etc., it is highly recommended to visits a doctor. 


Rats are a menace and must be taken care of. A personal and Home Remedy is all right, but for a total Extermination, the professionals must be called. Contact us at Rat Removal Brisbane, and we promise all your Rat Woes will be taken care of.